Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little kook-monster found a home?

I am taking Ruby to her potential new home tonight at 7 pm (where her name will be Peanut!). She will hopefully find some love in Warminster, PA. They are a couple in their 60s with an adult son living at home, and another dog named Linc. As they have never seen the little one in person, I am praying that they find her as adorable as we do.

I explained to her what was happening, that I think she will be happy there, but the shock of living without us might be tough on her. I intend to sneak out before she figures out what is going on. As much as we complain about her, she will be missed—by all of us except Willie, who will probably throw a big party and invite all of his kitty friends over to celebrate her loss!

I will post later with photos and an update.

Update: Meet and greet went great, but I didn't get any photos. They seem like a really nice couple. I know she will be happy there.

Update #2: While I am waiting for photos of Peanut! and her new buddy, Linc, I am posting this little video of a silly girl jawing with my Sophie. That's Uncle Lester barking at them to stop and play with him.

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