Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nice day, getting cooler

The best part of today is that I ended up getting 2 jobs to work on tomorrow. Have to pay for this place somehow!

Second best: Jim the Builder said he could finish the house by the end of next week. Scott the Excavator is supposed to be coming late tomorrow to finish up the grading around the front and around the garage. I can talk to Jim then and find out when he thinks the garage will be finished too.

Third best: Gary the Farm Table Guy cut down the legs on the 2 stools, and now they perfectly fit the counter. I've been eating my meals there, such as they are. Dinner was spicy southwest salmon burger on English muffin bread with spring mix, tomato and fresh mushroom salad.

Not really best: The new refrigerator gets delivered on Tuesday. If everything goes well with the excavator, I will be back home by then, but the guys will be here to receive it. I measured the space. I'd say it's 50/50 whether it squeaks in or not. I'm not going to sweat it, because there's no way to tell until it gets here...

Not best at all: I only got about 8 of the remaining trees planted yesterday afternoon. That leaves about 37 more to plant. I have to find out how long they can survive unplanted, as the weather is taking a turn toward winter for the next few days. Basically cloudy, rainy and cooler, with a chance of (omigod!) snow flurries for Mother's Day. I even put the heat back on for tonight.

I really do have PLENTY of photos, including the ones that I forgot to bring home the last time. I'll keep posting until I run out.

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