Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Apple blossom time

For the first time I have caught the apple trees (and crabapples) in bloom. I am celebrating by adding a new blog header.

I came up last night in time to watch the sun go down with the doggies in their new fence (robbed from The Dump). The cloudy sky pic with just the apple trees was from last night, the one with bright blue skies from the gorgeous day that is today.

Mike the Water Man was here until about noon installing the water softener and iron filter. We didn't really want to spend that $3k, but had to clean up our orange water that is staining all the shiny new white bathroom fixtures. This should do the trick, and he'll come back once a year to tune up and add or change whatever needs adding or changing.

I took the stools back to Gary to cut a few inches off the bottom. They came up too close to the countertop. He wasn't there, but Sparky the Wonderdog came out to assure me that everything would be OK.

Now I gotta get out there and plant some more trees. The Husband loves to leave me with all these "little" chores...

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