Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watching wind and weather

I tried to post late yesterday afternoon, but the power went out every time. So while there was still enough natural light, I sat by my big bank of windows in the living room and simply watched the weather. The wind was truly howling—so much so that I was thankful to be in my new house rather than The Dump, which brings images from The Wizard of Oz to mind.

Power was intermittent until about 7 pm, and then it went out completely until about 10. If I was unsure of the need for a generator, I am no longer. I went to bed early, wind howling through the night, and woke up to a dusting of snow on Mother's Day. Wind is still howling and snow flurrying at noon. Bizarre weather for May! Or maybe not, but this South Jersey girl isn't used to it.

Scott the Excavator was here on Friday and he successfully leveled everything out around the yard. We don't need a real lawn, but it has to be seeded somehow otherwise all we will have is mud. I had hoped to go out and throw some Mammoth Red Clover seed around, but now that I am staying until Tuesday, I will wait until I talk to Jim the Builder to find out what parts are in danger of being disturbed again. Also, there's a freeze warning for tonight, not sure how that would affect the seeds...

Old fridge is near death. New fridge is coming Tuesday. Hope I don't get sick eating my not-very-cold food in the meantime. Might just store it out in the car for tonight...that will definitely be colder than the fridge!

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