Monday, April 26, 2010

A glorious cobalt blue!

After so much drama and suspense I got to see my blue vanity top...I even got to use it. There are still some problems to be worked out (the top pushes the vanity about 4" away from the wall) but I am mostly very pleased. And I am glad that I held out for the widespread faucet. I think I would have been very disappointed with the other one.

The other photo is of the island (covered with stuff as I was packing to go home yesterday). Gary Foster also made the 2 stools. I had been looking for some nice ones for the counter, because it is the first thing you see when you come in the front door, but the only ones I liked were too expensive. Gary gave me these 2 for a really good price. Hey world—keep this guy in business, he does really nice work!

Well, I promised to post all the great photos I took last week, and then I left them on my computer in NY. I blame it on a fuzzy head from a head cold (thanks Barb!). At least I remembered to bring home the big job I am working on.

These are the few photos that are still on my camera. You'll have to wait until I go back up next week for the rest.

Fuzzy Head also left there without the remaining trees to be planted. I left them in a bucket outside the newly installed dog fence. Luckily I was only about 10 miles away when I remembered, and I went back.

We should be nearing the completion of Lester's Flat. Jim the Builder promised me an end-of-April finish line. But then he started taking on other jobs. I think it's just because he likes working on my house. He doesn't really want it to be done...

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