Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of new photos, not enough time

Plenty of photos to upload, but so much to do outside on a nice day. To start with, I have to try to plant 60 tree seedlings before I leave tomorrow!

OK, back from planting. To be honest, it was 50 trees and 10 blackberry bushes—much easier to dig holes for the blackberries than the trees. I finished all of those and only 5 black cherry trees.

Then I had to come back in to feed the dogs, and myself. I made the grilled pizza that intended to have last night. Still working on the perfect crust, but otherwise very tasty.

In these photos, starting at the top: finally the first parts of the porch brackets were installed, but they look too small to me. I should have taken Susan the Architect's advice and mocked up a version and stuck it out there. I will find out how difficult (expensive) it will be to make new heftier ones.

Then the infamous soapstone sink which caused so much trouble (stone dust everywhere!). The dishwasher (on the right) still needs to be attached somehow, but the faucet and cabinet knobs are looking good.

Then, the downstairs bath with the vanity installed. The broken sink is repaired. Those are the same cabinet knobs as the kitchen (from Med the Blacksmith). My $8 mirror from Anna in Richfield Springs still needs to be hung up, it's just leaning on the sink. Her shop is where I also got the upstairs oak vanity for $40, and where I always buy my fresh eggs.

And finally, the new (old) deacon's bench that we bought a few weeks ago in Oneonta. It used to reside in the law office of the former mayor of Oneonta. Me likes things with history.

Going back home tomorrow. I probably will not post again until Monday, but I will try to take all the pics I need for several more posts. Coming up here again in 2 weeks to have the iron filter and water softener installed. Maybe I will get the rest of those trees planted...

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