Thursday, April 22, 2010

My own private island

It took four guys to transport the island to Lester's Flat—huge thanks to the 2 Jims, Gary and Dave McG. It was impressive in Gary's shop, and even more impressive once it landed in my kitchen. The Husband hasn't seen it yet, but I think he will be impressed as well.

As you might notice, Lester gives a big thumbs up! (Do dogs have thumbs?) Last night Friend Jane and I tested out the island with my new stools (also from Gary) —lots of good conversation over a few glasses of wine.

I have to give Gary Foster, Farm Table Guy, all the credit for making this island something I really like. I wasn't convinced I wanted a kitchen island, but the architect and kitchen designer insisted that I would love it more than the simple farm table I thought I wanted. I am glad I listened to them, but it is mostly because Gary did such a fine job that now I feel I have the best of both versions.

You can see some of Gary's other fine work here:
Phone/Fax: (607) 282-4108

Now I just have to work on getting rid of the again-not-working-well Frigidaire piece-of-junk ugly white refrigerator. Going for something new and black, and hopefully a brand that will work for longer than 3 months. Suggestions anyone?

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