Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moving right along

We took a little ride to Mohawk to check out a 1940-something Ford tractor (with brush hog), but the old man selling it seemed firm on the $3500 price tag, so we'll have to think about it a bit longer. It will probably last forever and work just fine for our needs, but funds are a bit low right now as we near the end of our project.

Layout of the house and kitchen is just right. We will be very happy here...and the animals will too.

It feels like summer more than spring with temps in the 80s. Have to go back up to The Dump to retrieve my grill for some barbecued turkey legs tonight. Leg of lamb in the new oven on Thursday night came out just perfect, even without a meat thermometer. Did a fish fry with friends Jane and Mac last night at the VFW. Had to pass a crime scene to get there—sleepy little Cooperstown had some rowdy teenagers acting like cowboys and shooting up the place—right inside the police station!

Sophie and Ruby say they have no idea who put all those muddy footprints on the new black slate floor in the living room...

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