Monday, April 19, 2010

Now I just need a spring pic of the new house... that I can compare.

The old homestead in NJ is looking good, but then it always does in spring! The dogwood is blooming out front, the azaleas are almost ready to open, the lilacs are smelling great, and the tulips and daffodils are pretty much done. All of this is very early blooming for mid-April, giving some cred to climate change.

Headed up to NY tomorrow as we are just on the brink of finishing this project. I know my kitchen island is being delivered at the end of the week. That I am most eager to see! I hear it's a beauty. And the blue vanity top should magically appear...FINALLY!

I am meeting with a water purification specialist on Thursday morning. He came highly recommended by friends Jane and Mac. After a short conversation on the phone, he suspects that I need the expensive water softener in addition to an iron filter. If it clears up my orange water, it will be worth every penny, and I won't have to keep bringing up my NJ tap water for drinking. Jim the Builder gave me a pretty hard time about that, but my iron water tastes pretty awful. It's not dangerous, it just tastes like your drinking out of a rusty cup.

New pics to follow later in the week. Even after 2 days worth of showing her off in Petco, the little monster is still with us. I am sure she will be gracing us with her adorable face in the photos, whether I want her to or not.

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