Friday, April 16, 2010

Sinks are solved. It's Spring! Shout out to Jersey Girl!

Got word that the blue glass sink is finally done right. Jim the Builder will pick it up and install by the time I come up next week (I hope!). The other sink is repairable and should also be hooked up.

Even more exciting: Gary the Farm Table Guy says that the kitchen island will also be finished by next week. The base is done and as of yesterday he was working on the cherry plank top. I am just a tiny bit nervous that it will be too big for the space. Or that the buttermilk (plus marigold) milk paint won't be the right color. Or that the pendant lights won't be centered over it. Or that they won't be able to get it through the front door. Too many things too worry about, so I think I will worry about none of them.

Richie is working on installing the stair treads (stained to match the cabinets) and painting the risers (to match the kitchen and dining room). Maybe even the iron balusters will be installed by next week. And my wrought iron (by Med the Blacksmith) cabinet knobs should finally be installed too.

It is difficult to be patient about seeing all these things in place. I am one of those people who has to unwrap and install or use whatever I buy as soon as I get it home. I have had most of these things for months, and the suspense is killing me! Alright, not really killing me...

It's all coming together in the next few weeks and I think it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, the weather here in the south country has been just perfect. Spring is finally here to stay...for awhile.

Shout out to Little Sister on her birthday yesterday (that's her in the stroller with Middle Sis).

And yes, we still have dog number three. She'll be joining us for Spring in NY next week.

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