Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big party at Lester's Flat

The weather was perfect for a barbecue last night at Lester's Flat. The open layout of the first floor served us well with about 15 guests: The Husband's family from New York and New Jersey, and a few party crashers (not really, they were invited, but were not family). My mother-in-law spent the weekend with us. She slept in the music room, as we didn't think the bed in the leaky basement was suitable for our first overnight guest.

As you can see in the photos, the kids were adept at showing the old folks how to party. Ella was my sous chef for the southwest turkey burgers, hamburgers and hotdogs, and Claire, Andrew and Ella spent most of their time after dinner being silly in the yard and recording their silliness on our camera.

Lester and Sophie were gracious hosts to Mac the Shih Tzu puppy, and fun was had by one and all with lots of wine and beer (and root beer and ginger ale, of course).

It rained most of today, but the girls did manage to jump in the creek with the dogs for a swim. They had so much fun in there last year, they refused to go home today without one last creek adventure.

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