Friday, August 27, 2010

The Husband, the farmer

In just a few short months, my husband the bureaucrat has become my husband the farmer.

For anyone wondering how The Husband is adjusting to his new life in NY, I am posting this as my response. If only he would allow me to post the smiling photo of him, in his straw hat and sunglasses, proudly surveying his humble garden plot... (Don't cross me Mr. P, or I just might post it anyway!)

As for The Wifey, she is still in NJ, adjusting to her new role as squirrel wrangler. As fast as I set the trap is as fast as they fill it. This is my last summer in the Garden State, and I'll will not be cheated out of my last Jersey tomatoes.

Now if only Wifey and Husband could just find new jobs that offer paychecks AND health insurance! We are both dreading the arrival of our first COBRA bill...

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