Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leaky basement and open-door policy

The garage is all done: well, just like the house, almost all done. Jim the Builder is pricing garage doors for me, and Jesse the electrician needs to finish hanging light fixtures, etc. Having never had a garage before, I have no idea what kind of doors to get. Do I need a garage door opener?

The concrete apron around the garage looks nice enough, but I am not happy with the concrete walkway going up to the front door. It was one of those last-minute decisions, and probably not the smartest one. Mostly what I don't like is how it is raised a few inches higher than the driveway and the lawn on either side. They dumped some gravelly dirt on the driveway edge to ease the height-difference, but now we're back to walking through mud. There's a solution, but not sure what that is yet.

Jim the Builder thinks he resolved the leak in the basement (every time it rains) by flashing around the Bilco doors (on the other side of that white door in the photo. They just did the flashing yesterday, so we're waiting for another good soaker to test his theory. Such a nicely finished basement, but can't put anything down there until we dry it out.

And, back in NJ, I am back to relocating the latest squirrel population. I just took away #3, a big fella with more red than grey fur. I know I haven't seen him around here before. Hope I never see him again!
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