Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting a garage and the greenest of grass

The guys have been out every day working on the garage. Now that the overhang has been added to the one side, it looks much more interesting than your basic 24' x 24' square. Not sure what exactly we are going to use the overhang for, but it will possibly house animals of some sort (goats, chickens, a pig?) and it will definitely be a home for some kind of farm equipment and a dry spot for the woodpile.

The Husband and I have been enjoying the cooler NY temps—I think it is still in the 90s in NJ. It has been beautiful here, with just enough rain to keep the "crops" growing. And our lawn came in nice and green. Sophie actually prefers hanging around her happy new home to going down to the creek and swimming with Lester. I think it's that cushy green grass that she likes to roll in that keeps her here.

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