Sunday, August 22, 2010

NY cats, NJ squirrels (don't read this one, j!)

It was very strange coming back to a truly empty house in NJ. Now that the cats have moved to NY, it is just the big old Lester here with me, and no one to entertain us. Well, there are the squirrels, who have returned with a vengeance, so I have to keep Lester busy on squirrel patrol. Entertaining for him, perhaps, but a real pain for me all over again.

After about 2 weeks up there, I think Dave and Will are finding their hangout places in their new home. In the first few days, Willie did such a great job of hiding, that we couldn't figure out where he was. We searched everywhere, and finally found him inside the box spring on our bed. He pulled down the fabric and made himself a little hammock.

I think Will might actually remember being a NY cat (The Husband does not agree with me on this). He spends a lot of time in the window and on the screen porch sniffing the air—something he didn't really do in NJ. Two years ago, The Husband and Lester found him in the field only a few feet from where our house is now. This 13-lb. cat was only a pound-and-a-half back then.

In our walks around town we have discovered several of his relatives. He is truly a village native, as almost every cat we see in this town is black and white. I think he was born in the horse barn across the street from The Dump. He somehow managed to avoid the speeding cars and find us in the 5-ft.-tall weeds, only 2 months after we lost our sweet and ornery 15YO Maggie (also black and white). We hadn't planned on getting a second cat right away...I think she sent him to us.

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