Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baseball season? Not!

In addition to the 20" or so of snow on the ground, the high temps have not even been coming close to 20°. Below zero at night. Whose idea was it to move to the North Country anyway?

The Sand Lot Kid in Cooperstown, just in front of Doubleday Field, is waiting for the big thaw. (That hat is getting a bit heavy...) But we real humans know that spring probably isn't coming any time soon. The birds are the only things moving out there. The deer have found their winter hiding places and aren't even coming out of the woods like they normally do. There was what we think was a coyote making some odd noises right after we went to bed last night—maybe he found the suet we put out for the birds and was complaining that we hung it too high in the tree.

For now, the woodstove is my friend. I need to go back downstairs and join him...
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