Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not as cold...with eagle sitings

I saw this eagle briefly yesterday...from a distance, from behind. Today, The Husband found him perched in the dead tree out back, where some interesting birds (red egret? owl?) and some crows like to hang out. The Hub caught this photo of him (above) before he flew off. Second photo is the eagle can get an idea of how large he is in this photo.

I think this is the same large bird I saw several times last year, but he must have been a young boy then because he didn't have this obvious coloring. I have seen enough red-tail hawks and eagles in NJ to know that he was eagle-size, not a hawk. But last year he was all dark without the chocolate and white markings that make bald eagles so easy to identify.

Also today we took an expensive trip to PetSmart to stock up on provisions for the kids. We made a stop at Target, and The Husband took a spin through the Sangertown Mall on his way from Dick's Sporting Goods back to meet me in Tarzhay. It is a new world up here: in NJ we could shop at at least 5 or 6 real malls, and probably 40 or 50 strip malls within a 20-mile radius—every possible store included. Here I think it is a relief to actually have to travel a half-hour or more to do the necessary other-than-grocery-shopping.

Possible local freelance work in the works.

Possible person to take/remove The Dump coming to meet with us tomorrow. They left a note on the door while we were out.

Open House on the NJ house tomorrow. Thanks to Brian and Evie for cleaning up for us, and big thanks to the O'Connors (across the street) for all the snowblowing they've been doing. Apparently south NJ has had more snow even than the North Country folks.

I'll keep you posted.

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