Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad news and good news

The bad news is that no one but my neighbor showed up at the open house yesterday. We've already come down in price as far as we want to, and folks just don't want to buy that great NJ old house. Praying that spring will bring out the happy house shoppers...

The good news is that we found someone to tear down The Dump at a reasonable price. We are paying taxes on 2 residences because of it, even though there is no more electric or plumbing in there. I will miss it with its charming turquoise and cream siding, but its removal will certainly improve the appearance of our property, and it will give us a clearer view of the horse farm across the street. I used to love to eat breakfast in The Dump while watching the horses, and in the spring there are always new babies to see.

We haven't seen our eagle since the other day when The Hub took that photo in the previous post, but I think he is probably still around somewhere. Here are some more pics that Hub took the other day. We have been getting some snow just about every day, but nothing to compare to the storms hitting south Jersey. I suspect that may have something to do with why no one is house shopping.
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