Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still waiting for the weather report

I thought about going back to NJ today, but maybe Friday through Monday will work better for my trip through the storms. I won't decide until tomorrow morning whether or not I can actually go, the second Alberta Clipper this week is headed our way. The first produced only a dusting of snow.

We had a showing of the NJ house on Monday. As with everyone else who has seen it, they loved the house, thought it "showed" well, but it's too small for their needs. I never thought of that house as small, but then I bought it when I was single. There were at least 2 families over the years in there with children, the Heeters had 4 or 5 kids growing up there (if I remember correctly). Of course that was long before folks decided they needed mansion-sized homes in which to raise their 2.2 charming children...

Funny thing was that in talking to the realtor, he told me that a good friend of his called to say that he used to live in my house. Turns out it is the guy I bought it from—Jeff. He told my disbelieving realtor that he was quite happy in that house with his wife and 2 kids. So there!

Today's photo is of a pheasant feather I found earlier in the week while chasing the dogs down by the creek. I have seen the pheasant once or twice, but not recently. I hope he survived the hunting season.
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