Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work and winter weather

All that anyone seems to be talking about is the snow, even up here in the North Country where you would think they would be used to it by now. This past week, all the stormy weather combined produced maybe 10" to 12" here. Luckily most of December's snow had melted with that one weekend of temps in the 40s. Snow is still coming down now, but it never seems to amount to all that much. Maybe that's because last year's Nor'Easter in NJ produced 40" of snow in just a few days. Maybe I'm just jaded.

Mr. Kelley the Snow Blower must be a bit grumpy about agreeing to that $600 yearly contract—yesterday he knocked down our fencepost with house numbers and reflectors. That was the only way to find the entrance to our driveway in the snow...big red 4x4 wooden post...broken like a toothpick. We just bought it, painted it and installed it Thanksgiving weekend. What a waste!

Update: Took the pooches out for a walk. There's at least 15" to 18" out there, more than I thought. The good thing is that it's up to dog-belly height, so it's a real effort for them to disappear in it. I even had a chance to fill the bird feeder and bring in some more wood while they were struggling to make it down the path. Ever since I got that woodstove running properly, I think it's been running every day.

After about a month of no work, finally some jobs are coming through. Better get back to the old grindstone...

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