Friday, January 7, 2011

Yesterday vs. today

Good thing I didn't make the trip back to NJ. There was a winter weather advisory for the whole 300-mile area where I would have been driving. We are supposed to get steady snow here through Sunday.

First pic is from about 30 minutes ago, snowing like crazy all day. The only blue you can see is on the porch ceiling, unless of course you call that siding blue. (It is Hardie Plank Evening Blue, but The Husband and a lot of other people call it grey. Exactly the kind of color I like—one that isn't easily identified.)

In the second pic, from yesterday, you might notice less white and more blue. You can also see that my new chimney is finally operating as it should—smoke is going up and away instead of down and in. I have been using that woodstove every day, although we are still getting $350-a-month propane bills. If I turn the stove up any higher, we'll be walking around in shorts and t-shirts. It is usually around 75° in the living room with the heat turned off. But in order to keep it comfortable in the rest of the house, I have the other thermostats set at 68°...thus the big bills. Plus we use propane for our hot water. So much for being green!
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