Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Mary K in SJ

Just in case Hurricane Irene does send us the serious wind and rain that is expected, The Husband wanted to document the beauty of his cornfield before she swings by tonight. This is a hybrid called Silver King, which was highly recommended by Mary K, a friend back in South Jersey (land of the most excellent corn).

He planted several rows of corn back in the spring, only to have the birds pull up all of the little seedlings just as they sprouted. He had to replant all of it, and then we covered it over with bird netting until the sprouts were big enough to survive the birds. And then we had to fence around the corn to keep out the rabbits, groundhogs and deer. Still the deer have been seen reaching over our wimpy little fence, but for the most part, the corn is thriving.

We are praying that Irene doesn't do too much damage, now that we are almost close to harvesting.

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