Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad Chicken Girls, Lester, and pink cosmos

It's just not as much fun without the nieces here. I think the Chicken Girls are bored without them, and they have been eating their own eggs to pass the time. The Husband caught one in the act the other day, and I saw two of them in the nesting boxes who were just about to commit that Number One chicken crime. Watch out girls—hens have been culled for less than this! (Not that I could or would, but don't tell them that.) I put some plastic eggs filled with mustard, and two ping pong balls in the nest as a distraction. I read it on the Backyard Chicken forum, not sure if it will work.

Here's a pretty Lester-in-the-creek photo, not that you all aren't tired of them by now. We try to go down there every day. I think it is Lester's own Fountain of Youth. Swimming keeps him young.

The Husband has been bugging me to post some photos of his lush vegetable gardens. I will, soon. For today, a photo of his wildflower garden. The seeds went in a little late, so the grasses had too much time to grow, but some of the cosmos and cornflowers are beginning to stand out among the weeds.

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