Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly nieces, a piglet (or 2) and a big Roo

We took the nieces to the Herkimer County Fair last week. Here they are, serious working girls instead of the "silly suburbans" their mother accused them of being. Unfortunately we went to the fair on a day when there were very few animals to view. The baby goats were the most interesting, but Ella was hell-bent on finding a piglet (or 2). The Husband promised her a piglet last year, and he's rightly blaming me for dragging my feet on getting one (or 2). Personally, I'd rather hold out for the goats—they're cute when they are young, and still adorable when they grow up. I am finding it difficult to feel the love for an adult pig (or 2) and finding it even more difficult to think about raising them only to send them off to slaughter. Ahhh, life on the farm! Maybe I am also a silly suburban.

Mister Roo is doing his best to stand up to the tough girls. He's growing fast and starting to trade in his little peeps for a more manly cock-a-doodle-doo (but we don't yet know if he's even a roo!). The girls still pick on him, but mostly just when he tries to steal one of the pieces of tomato that I've been feeding them. Grapes, watermelon and tomatoes seem to be their favorites.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the pingpong balls in the nest boxes have solved the egg-eating problems, but I am also doing a better job of getting out there more frequently to take the eggs before they have the chance. Waiting for an egg to drop is like watching water boil... At least the hens who aren't laying at that moment are still entertaining enough.

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