Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pageant Princess

Hello everyone, how do you like this picture? I am sure you are wondering why my sister is sitting on my back, and I have a very reasonable, yet strange explanation. My sister (the blonde) has recently become obsessed with pageants due to her watching Toddlers and Tiaras. I have to admit, I do enjoy watching the show but just for the fun of watching the crazy parents doing the child's routine in the crowds. Anyway, my sister has been doing lots of fake pageants in her spare time. What she does is waltz around in her pajamas, doing her own routines similar to the ones on the show. These consist of listening to the same song multiple times, which gets very annoying! 

So, back to the picture. She was BEGGING me to pretend to be her horse for her rodeo pageant, which means I have to get down on all fours and carry her on my back and walk around.  I can only do this for so long without my back hurting, so she only has a limited practice time. After about 2 minutes, my knees hurt really badly, so the horse is retired. That doesn't stop her though, she carries on until she gets tired. (Which is a very long time...)

By: The Pageant Princess's Sister (and horse.)
Guest writer at Lester's Flat today

PS: Lester enjoys being the judge in these pageants. When things get out of control, he barks and makes them stop...which happens pretty often. And, double PS, that's my penguin shirt from volleyball days that Ella is wearing. I gave it to her last year, and she says it is one of her favorites. Thanks to Rob and Chal for the birthday gift (many many birthdays ago!).

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