Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uncle T's Magical Discovery

These are Timmy's vegetables. These are magical vegetables! When you eat a squash you get the power of strong healthy bones. When you eat a somewhat hot pepper you get the power of invisibility. When you eat a really hot pepper you get the power of fire. When you eat these you will be very happy. The secret ingredient is magic fairy dust. You can only find it underground in Jelly Stone National Park. But before you dig up the fairy dust you have to talk to Yogi Bear and give him a picnic basket full of sandwiches, and juice boxes, and 3 pies. He will show you where to dig. Once you get the fairy dust sprinkle it on the vegetables and...PRESTO, you've got these wonderful magical vegetables!

By: Yogi Bear's long lost cousin Age: 10
Guest writer for the day at Lester's Flat


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