Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And today it's all about the money (or lack thereof)

I've been fighting with my iMac computer for the last 3 weeks. After 2 trips to the certified Apple repair guys, I finally get a diagnosis—bad logic board, $850 to replace it. If it weren't for the fact that we just paid to have The Dump finally hauled to the dump, AND we just paid for the new John Deere, I might have just caved and gotten a new iMac ($1699). But money is tight, so we have to go with the least costly solution. Also, I have read a few reviews of the new Macs that say that they have problems too, problems not easily solved by those specially certified technicians.

It stinks. Macs never go bad, especially when they are only 2 years old. In 20 years this is my fourth one and my first problem. I guess I should quit my whining, but seriously, Steve Jobs, let's work on putting superior quality back where it belongs, on my desktop. I've got work to do.

Maybe because of this recent setback, and maybe just because, I put a big $5 in with Don on the Hill and Sherry at the Post Office to purchase 24 Powerball tickets today. The pot is up to $220 million. I could buy all the Macs I will ever need in a lifetime. But wait...I wouldn't have to work anymore, so I wouldn't need those Macs at all.

Yeah, right!

Think happy thoughts today. Maybe that little Financial Abundance Angel will work for you too.

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