Saturday, August 27, 2011

A piglet or 2, and goats in the spring

As Hurricane Irene is fast approaching the East Coast, Lester's Flat is gearing up for the arrival—not of the hurricane—but some piggies and goats. As I could not convince The Husband to change his mind, we are just back from choosing 2 piglets at a place in Brookfield, a boy and a girl. The male is the red one in the center, the female is the Oreo® cookie one on the right, who looks just like her mama, Lola. First attempts to name came up with Rush and Lucille, but they could easily change. They will be ready to come here in about 3 weeks. That dog crate in the back of the CR-V will be getting a workout. It was plenty big for 7 chickens, but probably barely big enough for 2 little fast-growing piggies.

And last week we visited a farm in Jordanville and discussed getting 2 goat kids in March or April.

All I can say is "Hee Haw!"

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