Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dump is almost down and a second egg is coming soon!

Mr. K made further progress yesterday afternoon after I took that photo. Apparently he had a flat tire late in the day, and came back after fixing it to finish some more. By the time I got out there this morning, almost the whole thing was knocked down. He had to wait for the dumpster to be emptied and returned before he could load it up again. He had a young helper for an hour or 2, but still he has almost completed this job by himself in less than 2 days. Says he will definitely be finished by tomorrow. Wow!

While I was out there talking to Mr. K, the girls were very squawky and chatty, unusual for them. When I went to check on them, they were trying to tell me something, gathering around my feet. Then I realized it was Big Mama who was doing most of the talking, and now, while I was sitting outside, she was sitting inside in the nest box trying to give me an egg. Poor girl is having her big moment while the big tractor is right outside her door making all kinds of noise! No wonder the girls were in a tizzy!

I think this is her first egg, pretty sure it was one of the red girls who gave us the other one. She seemed kind of puzzled as to what was going on. One of her "peeps" was standing by her side, offering support. So very cute, these girls!

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