Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here's the deal on The Dump Demolition, and Mr. Roo

Dave the Dump Destroyer disappeared a few weeks ago. Four phone calls from me were not returned, so I told him that he was off the job if he didn't call me back by the first week of July. He didn't, so I got some prices from some others: Mr. Kelley the Snowblower, and Shotgun Mike. Mr. Kelley had the best price, so he won the job. As soon as I tell him to go ahead, guess who calls me back, 2 weeks too late!

He accepted his pink slip over the phone and went on his merry way. I didn't even complain that it took him 5 months to do half the work, and that Mr. Kelley expects to have the other half done in 7 working days. That's how long we have paid for to have the big dumpster out there. Not including the cost of the dumpster, Mr. K is actually charging us $50 less than what we would have paid Dave to finish. This photo is after about 4 hours of Mr. K's work. I call that progress.

It will just be so nice to have this thing finally gone!

Young Mr. Roo was too shy to be easily captured last night, so he can stay with Anita until he's ready for his trip to Lester's Flat. It will actually be better if he grows up a bit before we introduce him to the big Chicken Girls. We are all patiently awaiting his arrival.

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