Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dump is gone!

In less than 72 hours, Mr. K took it all away. That's him out there this afternoon, proud to pose for his photo, a full dumpster on the right.

I was out there with the Chicken Girls watching from the shack as Mr. K and 2 young helpers were trying to load the frame onto a trailer, but they made me too nervous. The heavy steel frame that was the base of the mobile home, was almost twice the length of that trailer (above) and probably three times the weight. They pulled it all away with a pickup truck. I went back to the house, and when I returned about an hour later, it was all done and gone. Absolutely amazing! It would have made for some great photos, but I just couldn't watch.

We did get our second egg from Big Mama yesterday, same size as the one from the red girl. Big Mama wasn't feeling especially photogenic today, so I caught 2 of the red girls posing instead. Click on the one with the stump, an SLW is hiding in the weeds behind the red. They all like to hide in there on hot days, and we've had our share of those lately.

If I go out there in the morning without some apples, they all peck at my feet as if to say "Hey, what up? We can't pick them from the trees ourselves!" In the bottom photo, Sweetie is saying thank you for the recent delivery. We don't really have names for them yet, and may not ever, but Sweetie has been the friendliest from the beginning, and Big Mama made herself the boss pretty early on. The other black ones I can't really tell apart, and the other red ones just haven't told us their names yet.

The Husband is going back to NJ tomorrow for his Mom's 90th birthday party. I wish I could go with him, but somebody has to stay here to pick the apples for the girls. And maybe, just maybe, Lester, Sophie, Dave and Willie need some love and food as well.

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