Friday, July 29, 2011

A frightened Mr. Roo arrives

Anita dropped him off today. He's at least a month younger than the girls, so they are picking on him, but I think he'll be OK.

On arrival, the girls chased him around the yard, while he was frantically looking for a way out. Big Mama was all puffed up and flapping her feathers at him, but she didn't peck at him like one of the other black girls. Poor little guy was trying to find a way back to his momma, Anita.

The big photo (above) was the last taken. By that time, he was hiding in the Chicken Shack, the girls outside, going about their business. We had a nice chat, and I assured him that he would be happy here, eventually.

Funny thing was, as Anita was leaving, she said her husband Frank asked her how she knew he was a roo? She didn't, but I think she's right. He's got that boy strut that none of the girls has, not even Big Mama.

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