Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foggy night at the Flat for the Fourth

Actually these foggy photos were taken on the third of July. It is difficult to capture the eeriness of the fog rolling in and blanketing everything with a blur.

For the Fourth of July weekend: we celebrated on Saturday by watching the fireworks on Canadarago Lake from our kitchen window. Sophie is petrified of loud noises, and especially fireworks, so we stayed home to keep her company. Maybe also because we had nowhere else to go...

We went to Steve's house at Oneida Lake on Sunday for a picnic. The Husband wanted me to be inspired by Steve's amazing feat of building his own HUGE log cabin on the lake. Stunned probably better describes my reaction. As far as inspiration for the 2 of us to build our own goat shed or new chicken shack—I can't say that I feel any more prepared to begin that little project, unless Steve wants to come and help out.

On the Fourth we hooked up with yet another of The Hub's cousins: Terry and Kimball, from Florida. We spent a very pleasant afternoon on Greg's boat on the lake, and came back for some dinner at Greg's after.

I am giving up on this post for now...big storm approaching.


  1. I ready to start the next project... I can almost see it now.. a three story goat house with room for Mr. and Mrs Hog!
    Thanks for the eggs too.

  2. Who gave you my eggs???!!! Did the Chicken Girls ship them FedEx? Hope none of them broke...