Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes I am SO stupid!

I saw an add for a system clean-up/virus protection software program called MacKeeper right here on my own blog. Only $38.95 and it does so much! I have NEVER had a virus on any of my Macs, and never had a system problem that required any techie assistance. So, stupid me, what was I thinking? This program embeds itself all over your computer and it is very difficult to get rid of...especially for me because it turned my screen to white. I guess that's what they meant by "clean-up"!

I started up the old iMac and wasted hours online over the weekend trying to find others with a similar problem. I found plenty of folks who had a problem with MacKeeper, but none were exactly the same as mine, and none had a solution other than to "uninstall" it. I did, but magically still found the evil ZeoBit hiding on my hard drive in funny little places. MacWorld and Apple support forums were very helpful in directing me to the proper hiding places to dispose of every last trace of ZeoBit and MacKeeper, but I still had to make a trip to the Apple repair guys in New Hartford—Connecting Point. What wonderful geeks they are, and they didn't even charge me!

I am still having some "white screen" issues, but seem to be gaining on the problem. Thankfully I am not very busy with real work right now!


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