Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our first egg!

As Uncle Jack said, it DOES feel like we had our first baby. The parents of the Chicken Girls are very proud of them for producing their first egg, even if it is only one, and very small. I put it in the box with Anita the German Lady's full-grown chicken eggs. Guess which one is ours?

I met Anita at my first impromptu yard sale (the one where I made a big $15.50). She has 80 chickens, including 5 roosters on a very picturesque property. There is a 6th rooster that she has convinced us to take, saying that he will do his best to protect the girls from intruders of any sort. He is young, and supposedly very sweet. I went to pick him up today, but she said she will only be able to catch him in the evening, when they go inside to roost. I left a cat carrier, and I might pick him up as soon as tonight.

There is news on The Dump's destruction, but it will have to wait for my post tomorrow. I also hope to have young Mr. Roo's photo by then. I almost caught him with my cellphone before Anita came to the door, but when he figured out that I was not she, he high-tailed it out of there but quick.

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