Saturday, August 29, 2009

The creek is wild today

Maybe there was more rain north and west of here last night, because the creek is running wild.

This morning I went into Cooperstown to the Farmers Market for some peaches, tomatoes, blue potatoes, and my favorite from there: Painted Goat cheese. Today I got their raw goat's milk feta, haven't tried that yet.

I left 2 peaches for the architect for bothering her about picking up a siding sample on a Saturday. Turns out she had plenty of peaches and was freezing them for winter pies, but she was happy for the 2 unfrozen ones to eat. Then I took the sample to the hardware store to compare it to the roof shingle colors. Harvard Slate looks MUCH better in person than on the website, so that will be the color for this little house. Note to IKO: Take some better photos of your shingle colors and replace the awful samples you have on your website and in your brochure. Maybe it's just me...far too picky...

And Fly Creek was having a town yard sale today, so I hit a few places and came back with 2 nice wine glasses for $2, and some homemade strawberry jam for $4. I'm on a low budget during this building project.

The rain seems to have stopped. Maybe I'll be able to get the grill going for dinner tonight.


  1. Jersey Girl8/29/09, 8:06 PM

    We see Sophie in the picture! Spotting the dogs is the most favorite part of this blog. Despite our many differences, I share your likes of peaches and strawberry jam. Do you have Skippy crunchy peanut butter? SMILE... It still is me and Jersey.

  2. harvard slate sounds good- i picked granite grey myself- although it's a bitch trying to figure out those colors- up close the shingles have little specks of color, and it's deceiving- they really look different once they're on the roof- --- yard sales and cheese! sounds like a good day!