Monday, August 31, 2009

Way before yesterday

Since we bought our land up here, I have been wanting to take some photos of the Herkimer Cemetery that is just a few hundred feet from the edge of our property. Our 22 acres was once a part of a much larger Herkimer Farm, going back to the time of the Revolutionary War. I need to do some more research, but I am pretty sure it was owned by a brother of General Herkimer, and stayed in the family for years after.

Since I have no paying work to do today, I finally wandered over. This poor little cemetery is landlocked by other people's property, so you have to trespass to get there...that and you have to climb a very steep little hill.

On my list of things to do when we move up here, is to contact the owners of the cemetery, the town's historical society, and see if we can't raise some money to clean it up a bit.

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