Sunday, August 30, 2009

Even wilder creek today

We got a whole lotta rain last night and this morning. I never did get to grill my dinner last night, and just since I took this photo and started this post, it has clouded up and started raining again. I've been trying since Friday to grill that chicken...

I went with the dogs to the creek around noon, and we could barely cross it at our usual spot. I had to help Sophie back across as she was getting swept sideways. I finally saw the creek from the upstairs window in the new house, probably because the water was so much higher than usual.

I tried to find my way back to where The Husband wants the dock to go, but only got about halfway there. At least I think I have a better idea how to direct Scott to where we want it.

And I spent a couple of hours moving stakes again. I think I finally have the garage in the best location. If you click on the photo here (or any of them) you can see it larger. In the large version you will see my pathetic attempt at architectural drawing. The view is pasted together from 2 different spots on the front porch, so it's not exactly correct. I drew on top of it what I think the garage will look like (thin red lines). And, if you look to the left of the garage and the Magic Barn (you can ONLY see this in the large version, and barely there) I pointed out my huge lake view for all you naysayers.

I can see it even if you can't! And that's all that matters, isn't it?

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