Friday, August 21, 2009

Perfectly framed. Here comes the rain again.

Jim the Builder heard I was bad-mouthing him on the blog for messing up the dock and the trees. I told him all was right with the world, and I would give him some praise to make up for it. Jim, you and the guys are truly doing an excellent job...keep up the good work! Everyone who sees how fast this house is growing up from the ground is very impressed.

I am working on a slideshow of all that happened this week, but since I am also doing some real work (the kind that pays for this project) the slideshow will have to wait for tomorrow.

The steamy temps are supposed to leave us after a rainy Friday. Then we're supposed to go back to some less humid weather. Right now the guys are out there working in the pouring rain...again!


  1. Jersey Girl8/21/09, 4:47 PM

    Where oh where are Lester and Sophie hiding in the posted creek picture?

  2. They are behind me playing with The Husband in the creek!