Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day trip and some rain when we got back

I took this shot at about 8 p.m. when we got back from our road trip. We drove north on Rt 167, and eventually ended up in Gloversville, where we bought 2 interesting chairs, one Windsor, one painted yellow, for $54. The owner threw in a free little lead monkey...someday I'll take a pic of him.

On the way back on the NY Thruway, we encountered some torrential downpours and lightning. I drove down the driveway to get this pic of the house because it was still raining pretty good. I'll post some more photos tomorrow of the inside: no roof yet, pretty wet inside, but the soggy views are spectacular.

BTW, notice that they "parged" (cemented over) the blue legos on the foundation, and they started to put in the basement windows.


  1. your house looks great- watching it grow is exciting-
    next spring i'll dig up some hydrangeas and perennials for your yard- can you grow hydrageas there?

  2. Jersey Girl8/19/09, 3:13 PM

    The house is really starting to take shape! Where are my favorite Lester and my fav0rite Sophie?

  3. I think the hydrangeas would do just fine, thanks! It is just as exciting for me to watch a house grow out of nothing.

    Lester and Sophie will make an appearance again tomorrow...they have been spending as much time as possible in the creek in this heat. I got some good photos of them in the past few days, although I don't know how many swimming Lester photos this blog can handle.