Friday, August 14, 2009

Got in while it was still light

Another wow! Second floor is in and some of the second-floor walls are framed. It looks like my best view might actually be preserved. (Some finessing of the garage location can take place over the weekend.) The excavator filled the hole around the foundation, and graded the house site maybe a little too much. It looks too smooth and wonderful, we might have him rough it up a bit to be more natural like it was.

Just got done ordering some expensive tickets for the Glimmerglass Opera for a matinee on Sunday. La Traviata by Verdi. From their website:

"Jonathan Miller’s Glimmerglass production has been described as 'brilliant' by the Schenectady Gazette, and 'well directed and carefully understated' by the Ithaca Journal.

In this tale of passion, sacrifice and heartbreak, courtesan Violetta abandons a life of freedom and extravagance to be with Alfredo. Although their unconventional union proves unstable, their love endures.

Mary Dunleavy as Violetta and Ryan MacPherson as Alfredo are '…utterly convincing as a couple trying to navigate a path between sudden passion and social protocol' (The New York Times)."

So there really is some semblance of civilization out here!

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  1. THANK GOD! something beside farm animal antics!
    Traviata is my favorite- "torment and rapture" over and over (if they have english super titles you will understand!)- it's so italian- can you imagine a play turning on a father tring to guilt his son's lover over a father's love for his daughter- only in italy would that work!
    and of course consumption----
    sounds like fun- can't wait for photos of floor 2- your grading will be fine- give it a year of plants and weeds to take over--
    myself, i'm grooving to woodstock on the radio-