Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rising above the goldenrod

Today, for the first time, I am able to see the house from the lower field. The photo on the right was taken from about halfway down to the creek. The weeds out there are head-high, mostly goldenrod, but also dame's rocket, bachelor's buttons, burdock, and others yet to be identified. We have blazed a trail to the creek, for our daily walk, by walking sideways and breaking off the stems at ground-level. Well, I guess I did the trailblazing, the dogs just ran ahead. The creek is running really high today, they must have had more rain since I left last week.

If I can see the house from the creek (not yet) will I be able to see the creek from the house? That might just help me get over the loss of my favorite view from the front porch.

Later today I am going to meet with Karen, the kitchen layout design pro, in Cooperstown.


  1. Jersey Girl8/4/09, 11:34 AM

    How did you lose your favorite view from the front porch?
    Designing a kitchen sounds fun. Mom really liked when she got to re-design our kitchen. May I suggest an electric stove vs. gas?

  2. your house is looking great- amazing how fast it happens! (after the bank decided to cooperate) you can always have the view- a small deck, or gazebo? after all no one is going to put a high rise between you and the creek! during the rain on sunday i actually had a creek running across my porch!
    good luck with the kitchen- that sounds fun-

  3. btw- smudge wand is on it's way to nj-

  4. JG: I maybe lost my fave view when the builder took it upon himself to move the stakes when I wasn't here to argue. And I am stuck with the electric stove...no gas up here...but I love my gas stove!

    j: Sounds like you're the one who needs the smudge wand! A creek across your porch—Ouch!