Friday, August 7, 2009

Measure twice, cut once

Watch out Spielberg! I took the video from the other day and added the latest, from yesterday. The whole first floor is framed—all in seven minutes, 39 seconds. I told the guys I would delete the part where they had to measure twice, cut twice...but it was much more interesting to leave it in. Sorry guys!

The big hole gets filled in tomorrow and they start the second floor next week. The husband and some other family are coming up Friday. They should be starting the roof by then—if all goes well. Enjoy.


  1. well, add a dancing wedding party, and you've got a hit! actually, i'm video challenged with the dial up, but will try to see it on someone else's computer. this is exciting to watch, must be a thrill to see in person-
    talk to you soon- j

  2. Gotta get you a Mac and some DSL. Can I recommend Verizon? NOT!!!

    Got my smudge wand in the mail. Where do you find these things?

  3. ebay is the land of everything wierd and wonderful- after all i've been selling MY stuff there for years-
    light it and wave the smoking wand around anywhere you want to clense-