Friday, August 28, 2009

We have a roof

They finished sheathing most of the roof today, just before the rain came in. I was going to make a little movie of the end-of-Friday roofing progress, but I was interrupted by Jim the Builder coming down the driveway. The dogs don't seem to understand they need to yield to moving vehicles, so I had to end the film and direct them away from the truck.

They finished all the roof (minus shingles) except for the "whimsy", the curved roof on the dormer. It will be more of a challenge to frame this little swoopy roof, but I think well worth the effort.

I did write a few big checks today, and a few more will come next week. The excavator is due to put in the septic, and finish some grading. Jim also promised to repair the dock and have Scott drag it back to the creek for us. My job is to find the spot where The Husband wants it to go...that won't be easy!

And I have an appointment on Tuesday with a designer at the bath showroom in Oneonta. Between the 2 baths and the kitchen, I have to start making some decisions as to what is going on. Also need to pick the roof color before Monday. Whaddya think: Harvard Slate or Dual Black?


  1. I would go with Harvard Slate. Harvard sounds better. Why is your roof taking so long? Ours was done in one day but then again that was my good friend Joe Britton. Score one for the Jersey Boys!!! SMILE!

  2. Love the Jersey Boys, but they didn't have to build the roof from nothing, it was already there!

    And I think Harvard Slate is the answer! Thanks for your input, Jersey Girl!