Saturday, August 22, 2009

The rain never came today

So it's still hot and steamy here. I think we can blame Hurricane Bill, stalled off the coast, probably named after my brother!

We took another drive today, so I never finished my slideshow of the growing house. We are going home tomorrow, so the slideshow won't get done till Monday.

We went to see Cousin Chris's new bull calf, Bullwinkle. We found Bullwinkle, but not Chris.

Then we went to the Herkimer County Fair...expensive but interesting. The best part was watching the youngsters showing their winning lambs and sheep, with an occasional goat or calf in there just to annoy the judges.

Then we stopped on the way back to get some raw milk and fresh eggs to bring home as a gift to Debbie who has been caring for the cats. (sorry, J, don't forget those cats and farm animals!).

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