Monday, August 17, 2009

La Traviata on a hot day with no air conditioning

Di quell'amor ch'è palpito
Dell'universo intero,
Misterioso, altero,
Croce e delizia al cor.

Of that unspoken love,
The pulse of the whole world,
Mysterious, unattainable,
The torment and delight of my heart.

Violetta and Alfredo were so enchanting that we totally forgot about how steamy it was in the theatre. This is only the third opera I have seen, and it was by far the most interesting. The staging and especially the performances were just beautiful.

To listen to some (or all) of La Traviata, check out this website:


  1. torment and rapture! (see my previous comment)-traviata is my favorite- and they say my name in the first song! house is looking great, glad you're getting some culture (ha)-

  2. Can't get enough of the keltcher! I did see your previous comment. Now I know why it's your fave! And now it's mine too.